Giant Lite Brights Will Illuminate Your Event

If you’re looking for a way to make your events stand out with more fun and interactivity, consider adding a Giant Lite Brite to the mix. A head-turning attraction combining the platform of a billboard with the enjoyment of a vivid toy, Lite Brites are great for conveying a message or displaying a logo in

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Cheap Photo Booths: You Get What You Pay For

Dedicated photo booth rentals come with key benefits that cheap photo booths won’t offer. Here are some of the ways high-quality photo booths can serve as an attractive feature at many events. High-Quality Equipment Professional photo booths are dedicated machines designed to produce professional-grade pictures using a high-quality camera, printer and photo paper. They produce

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There Are Good Giveaways And There Are Great Giveaways

Many event hosts strive to save money and settle for ordinary giveaways lacking personal appeal in an attempt to stay cost-effective. But with our Custom Creations station, you don’t have to compromise. Better yet, guests get to choose their item’s design and are able to take their swag home after the event thanks to our

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