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Kick Off the New School Year with a Back to School Bash

The end of summer is fast approaching and the start of a whole new school year is just around the corner. Before your kids get back to the books, throw a back to school party that is sure to blow their minds. Cool themes, unique party rentals, and fantastic food will set the mood and inspire them to conquer the upcoming school year.

Kick Off the New School Year

These back to school party ideas will make your celebration the best bash of the season!

  • Start your back to school celebration by choosing an amazing theme. Think big and show off your school mascot or colors with a giant Lite Brite. Get your guests’ attention with some mesmerizing LED furniture, and be the cool kid on the block with a Glow Cotton Candy Station.
  • Capture end of summer memories with fabulous photo booths. They’re a great way for the kids to show off their back to class fashions. Don’t forget to take advantage of fun green screens that let them pretend they’re off on a fabulous summer vacation…not in the classroom.
  • Our Creation Station is a fun way to show school spirit by creating a custom license plate for students’ lockers or even socks or flip flips featuring school colors in fun patterns.
  • Be sure that you have plenty of food to satiate the appetites of all of those growing kids. Set up a designated food and drink section and kick things up a notch with a Mini Donut Station (everyone loves warm donuts!) or refreshing Snow Cone machine.
  • Choose age-appropriate games and activities for everyone to enjoy. Kids of all ages love games like carnival games, miniature golf, or a few of our Giant Lawn Games. Exciting games are always a big hit because they allow for a bit of friendly competition. When it comes to choosing games, the bigger the better.
  • Finally, don’t forget that Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate. If she decides to rain on the party, be sure that you have a backup plan in place. Don’t “hope for the best”. Be sure to have a designated rain date!

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