Lite Brites

Of all the goodies on our website, nothing says “Wow!” like our Giant Lite Brite. Part billboard and part giant toy, this awesome 8-foot attraction is all about getting your guests’ attention…and then entertaining them. Perfect for Corporate events, Trade Shows, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, High School Lock-Ins, Engagements and countless other occasions, the Giant Lite Brite is multi-functional. We can design the board on site to reflect your logo and/or message so that guests will be greeted like they’ve never been greeted before. The Lite Brite makes an excellent photo op, be it as a step and repeat or functioning as a super-cool photo booth backdrop. Once photo time is complete, the Lite Brite takes on a new role…as a giant toy that’s sure to be loved by anyone who’s ever played with one during their childhood. Guests can create their own masterpieces using the 6 different colors of giant pegs. So whether you just want to play with the Lite Brite or use it for a billboard effect, one thing is for certain…it will make a giant impact with those around it.


Entertain up to 4 people for hours with our most compact Lite Brite. Can be used as a billboard for your logo or message, as a backdrop for one of our photo booths, or see just how creative your guests can be. Don’t forget to take a selfie with your name above you in colored pegs!


Our most popular rental, the 8-foot board gives you the right amount of space to enhance your event nicely in many cool ways. It’s the perfect billboard for announcing newlyweds at their wedding, showcasing a design that mirrors the theme of your school event, draws visitors to your trade show booth, or dazzles your guests when it greets them in the front foyer at your bar/bat mitzvah party. Or use half of it as an awesome photo booth backdrop while guests use the other half to play games (tic tac toe, hangman, etc.), take selfies, etc.

16-FOOT WALL (4’ X 16’)

There’s no better way to make a statement – especially a continuous one – than with our Lite Brite Wall…the only one of its kind in existence!!! Whether you’re looking to entertain a lot of people simultaneously, have a lot to say, or are looking to make a HUGE impression, the Wall can help you accomplish all the above. Perfect for corporate events, trade shows, school lock-ins/post proms, holiday celebrations, mitzvahs and more! Choose from 10 colors of pegs.


Want to see how creative your guests are under pressure? This awesome attraction pits two teams against one another on separate 4’ boards to see who can create the best design in a set amount of time. The team with the best design is selected by their peers and awarded prizes. Think of it as “Win, Lose or Draw” but using vivid Lite Brite boards instead of boring white boards with markers. Want to take the fun to another level? Add a DJ to the mix and watch contestants freak out trying to finish their design before the song ends!

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