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Top Five Unnecessary Expenses When Planning A Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Throwing a bar mitzvah or a bat mitzvah celebration doesn’t require taking out a second mortgage to pay for the ambiance and festivities. When it comes to planning a perfect party, there are some expenses that can be axed from the budget without sacrificing an ounce of festive cheer.

1. Customized Postage

Customized postage is a novelty that has worn thin, especially since email and other forms of digital party invitations have become vogue. Rather than spending money on specialty stamps that most people won’t notice or appreciate when your invite arrives, use traditional postage or cut the expense out altogether and send customized e-vites. The latter makes tracking responses easy and usually has a reminder function for guests who are hard to pin down.

2. Chair Covers

Chair covers tend to make guests wonder what lurks beneath. Yes, they can be a tasteful addition, but often they’re detrimental if not done properly. Nothing says an instant headache like a venue with too much décor…all of which is competing for your attention. Instead, choose nice venues that already have attractive and comfortable seating that doesn’t need to be covered up. If you’re set on sensational chairs and other furnishings, consider renting LED furniture or other specialty chars that’ll achieve the ambiance you desire.

3. Over-the-Top Planners

No doubt, a bar mitzvah or a bat mitzvah is a special occasion…but amazing celebrations don’t always require hiring a party planner to the stars. It’s best to invest in a seasoned party planner with an eye for detail, knowledge of trends and flair for the creative that is also budget conscious and has an impressive rolodex of solid vendors. A rock-solid planner will have a relationship with multiple vendors in each category for the sake of objectivity…not align themselves with vendors who pay the best commissions. You’re hiring a planner to do what’s in your best interest, not theirs.

4. Cheaper Isn’t Necessarily Better

While higher quality photo booths and professional grade gaming equipment might appear to cost more than less expensive options, it’s important to see the big picture and know which option will have the best return on your investment. If a basic photo booth costs 25 percent less than a cutting-edge one but has extended periods of downtime due to its lack of interactive features, wouldn’t it be better to spend a little bit more to have your guests’ entertained all event long? Take the money you were thinking of putting toward cute postage stamps that no one will enjoy and sink it into a photo booth that everyone will enjoy. Don’t spend more, spend wisely!

5. The Tired T-Shirt

Custom t-shirts are an easy giveaway, but once the party’s over, the shirt is rarely ever worn again by anyone outside the bar/bat mitzvah child’s family. It’s better to spend the money on keepsakes that are likely to be used by your guests on a regular basis. Consider customized cell phone covers with interchangeable faceplates that feature images of the things you like and hold close to your heart. Now consider that this image adorns your cell phone, which is a valuable component of your everyday life…not a piece of clothing that’ll make a fine rag some day.

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