Creation Station



Cool items + Personalization = Perfect Swag. Initially added to our lineup as a sexier alternative to tired airbrushed sweats and t-shirts that were lulling the Mitzvah crowd to sleep, this awesome attraction has truly taken on a life of its own. I mean, what could be cooler than having custom faceplates on your cell phone case? Wait, it gets better. The faceplates are interchangeable! Like socks, you can swap them on a daily basis to reflect the many things that define you: photos of pets, your school logo, a favorite wallpaper, your floor hockey team’s logo. These are the things that define you.

In addition to phone cases, we can also create custom License Plates, Door Hangers, Mini Basketball Backboards and more on the spot. Your guests simply pick a pattern, tell us what name they want on the item (keep it clean!) and then come back later on to claim their bundle of joy. Perfect for Mitzvahs, company events, trade show booths, school fundraisers, team end-of-season parties, etc. Items can also be prepared in advance to be put in swag bags or given away as party favors. Either way, your guests will love you!