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5 Exciting Entertainment Ideas for Your Company Picnic

Now is the perfect time to host an exhilarating company picnic complete with activities, attractions and exciting party rentals that strengthen bonds and boost morale. With giant games, sensational souvenirs, fabulous food and invigorating experiences, your guests won’t just show up to your event, they’re going to want to stay.

Inspiring Ideas for an Epic Company Picnic

Create a one-of-a-kind company picnic employees actually look forward to attending with fabulous ideas for planning and party rentals you won’t want to pass up.

1. Excite Them with an Amazing Theme

Turn your company picnic into an epic event with an amazing theme. Make your picnic intriguing for guests with American Picnic Warrior, Giant Games, Color Wars or other competitively fun theme. We’ll provide you with images of the cool attractions selected in order for you to talk up the event and generate a buzz among your employees. Forget that dull picnic where people just hang out and drink until the giveaways are handed out. Liven things up with inflatable and non-inflatable fun, performers, competitions and prizes that match your theme.

2. Never Let Guests Go Home Empty-Handed

Send your guests home with unique party favors they’ll appreciate- not those typical water bottles with the company name. Our Creation Station produces fantastic flip-flops, cool cellphone cases, sweet socks, license plates, and more right on site. Don’t forget our phenomenal photo booths that generate professional-quality 4×6 pics ready for framing- not those dinky photo strips that are so easily lost or discarded.

3. Furry Friends Are Fun for Everyone

A petting zoo complete with exotic or farm animals gives everyone a chance to get up close and personal with some of the most cuddly and intriguing creatures in Chicago. Invite animals like ponies that your guests can ride on, or bring mind-blowing mammals like camels or Llamas to really liven things up. It’s not every day that you get to ride a camel!

4. Get Your Game On

Bring loads of exciting attractions to get the competitive juices flowing between parents and kids as well as employees and bosses. Our Play-A-Round Mini Golf course is mini golf like you’ve never seen before….total eye candy! Giant inflatables like Mega Darts, Monster Basketball, Giant Corn Hole or our towering 18’ tall Soccer Darts are great ways to keep everyone entertained while showing a little skill in the process.

5. Take Munchies to a New Level

When your guest’s tummies start to rumble, it’s vital to have caramel corn, fresh mini-donuts, and other cool snacks on hand. Avoid expensive ice cream trucks with all their unnecessary pageantry and plug your money into unique treats, fun attractions or games.

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