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Make the Most of Your Limited Space and Still Have a Blast at Your Backyard Bash

When you have a small porch, a petite patio, or a yard the size of a Prius, hosting a backyard bash on your tiny turf can be challenging. With the right design, versatility, and a little imagination, your dinky domain can accommodate a party that’s bigger than ever.

Designing Your Space

Arranging food and drink tables, furniture and decorations along the perimeter will allow you to create the ambiance you want without sacrificing the space you need. For a nighttime event, opt for hip, glowing LED lounge furnitures such as sofas, benches, cubes, trippy cocktail tables, or a space-saving 5-foot curved bar to leave plenty of space for people to chill. Lights will brighten the space and make it feel inviting and larger.

Be sure to use walls and fences for decor and function for your backyard party.

Fun that Fits

Creating small stations for activities with big fun can help with crowd control and keep bottlenecking at bay when space is limited.

  • Photo booths are a great way to preserve memories and keep guests entertained, and since many of them require less than an 8′ x 8′ area, they’re a perfect fit for small spaces.
  • Our cool Creation Station is fantastic fun and it gives guests awesome yet practical swag to take home after the party.
  • If you have room, set up a separate space to play a few games of Giant Connect Four, Beer Pong or 3-Hole Mini-Mini Golf. To condense the crowd and keep everyone in the game, consider something interactive like a Giant Lite Brite that enables you to include all your guests without taking up a lot of unnecessary space. Arranged along the perimeter of your event, these 4ft or 8ft attractions are a perfect way to add pizazz to your party.

When space is limited but you’re ready to party like the big boys, we invite you to contact The Wow Factor in Chicago at 224-828-2037 today. We have the party rentals, the know-how, and the exciting ideas you need to get your “Wow” on this summer.

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